Paper: Generation for Grammar Engineering

ACL ID W12-1507
Title Generation for Grammar Engineering
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Main Conference
Year 2012

While in Computer Science, grammar engi- neering has led to the development of various tools for checking grammar coherence, com- pletion, under- and over-generation, in Natu- ral Langage Processing, most approaches de- veloped to improve a grammar have focused on detecting under-generation and to a much lesser extent, over-generation. We argue that generation can be exploited to address other issues that are relevant to grammar engineer- ing such as in particular, detecting grammar incompleteness, identifying sources of over- generation and analysing the linguistic cover- age of the grammar. We present an algorithm that implements these functionalities and we report on experiments using this algorithm to analyse a Feature-Based Lexicalised Tree Ad- joining Grammar consisting of roughly 15...