Paper: Towards a Surface Realization-Oriented Corpus Annotation

ACL ID W12-1506
Title Towards a Surface Realization-Oriented Corpus Annotation
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Main Conference
Year 2012

Until recently, deep stochastic surface realiza- tion has been hindered by the lack of seman- tically annotated corpora. This is about to change. Such corpora are increasingly avail- able, e.g., in the context of CoNLL shared tasks. However, recent experiments with CoNLL 2009 corpora show that these popu- lar resources, which serve well for other ap- plications, may not do so for generation. The attempts to adapt them for generation resulted so far in a better performance of the realizers, but not yet in a genuinely semantic generation- oriented annotation schema. Our goal is to initiate a debate on how a generation suit- able annotation schema should be defined. We define some general principles of a semantic generation-oriented annotation and propose an annotation schema that is based on...