Paper: GRASP: Grammar- and Syntax-based Pattern-Finder in CALL

ACL ID W11-1412
Title GRASP: Grammar- and Syntax-based Pattern-Finder in CALL
Venue Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications
Year 2011

We introduce a method for learning to describe the attendant contexts of a given query for language learning. In our approach, we display phraseological information in the form of a summary of general patterns as well as lexical bundles anchored at the query. The method involves syntactical analyses and inverted file construction. At run-time, grammatical constructions and their lexical instantiations characterizing the usage of the given query are generated and displayed, aimed at improving learners’ deep vocabulary knowledge. We present a prototype system, GRASP, that applies the proposed method for enhanced collocation learning. Preliminary experiments show that language learners benefit more from GRASP than conventional dictionary lookup. In addition, the informat...