Paper: Generating Varied Narrative Probability Exercises

ACL ID W11-1403
Title Generating Varied Narrative Probability Exercises
Venue Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications
Year 2011

This paper presents Genpex, a system for au- tomatic generation of narrative probability ex- ercises. Generation of exercises in Genpex is done in two steps. First, the system creates a specification of a solvable probability prob- lem, based on input from the user (a researcher or test developer) who selects a specific ques- tion type and a narrative context for the prob- lem. Then, a text expressing the probability problem is generated. The user can tune the generated text by setting the values of some linguistic variation parameters. By varying the mathematical content of the exercise, its narrative context and the linguistic parameter settings, many different exercises can be pro- duced. Here we focus on the natural language generation part of Genpex. After describing how the system wo...