Paper: The Copiale Cipher

ACL ID W11-1202
Title The Copiale Cipher
Venue Building and Using Comparable Corpora
Year 2011

The Copiale cipher is a 105-page enciphered book dated 1866. We describe the features of the book and the method by which we deciphered it. 1. Features of the Text Figure 1 shows a portion of an enciphered book from the East Berlin Academy. The book has the following features:  It is 105 pages long, containing about 75,000 handwritten characters.  The handwriting is extremely neat.  Some characters are Roman letters (such as a and b), while others are abstract symbols (such as 1 and <). Roman letters appear in both uppercase and lowercase forms.  Lines of text are both left- and right- justified.  There are only a few author corrections.  There is no word spacing.