Paper: How Many Multiword Expressions do People Know?

ACL ID W11-0823
Title How Many Multiword Expressions do People Know?
Venue Workshop on Multiword Expressions
Year 2011

What is a multiword expresion (MWE) and how many are there? What is a WE? What is many? Mark Liberman gave a great invited talk at ACL-89 titled “how many words do people know?” where he spent the entire hour questioning the question. Many of these same questions apply to multiword expressions. What is a word? What is many? What is a person? What does it mean to know? Rather than answer these questions, this paper wil use these questions as Liberman did, as an excuse for surveying how such issues are addressed in a variety of fields: computer science, web search, linguistics, lexicogra- phy, educational testing, psychology, statis- tics, etc. 1 How many words do people know? One can find all sorts of answers on the web: • Very low: Apparently I only knew 7,0...