Paper: Composing Simple Image Descriptions using Web-scale N-grams

ACL ID W11-0326
Title Composing Simple Image Descriptions using Web-scale N-grams
Venue International Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Session Main Conference
Year 2011

Studying natural language, and especially how people describe the world around them can help us better understand the visual world. In turn, it can also help us in the quest to generate natural language that describes this world in a human manner. We present a simple yet effec- tive approach to automatically compose im- age descriptions given computer vision based inputs and using web-scale n-grams. Unlike most previous work that summarizes or re- trieves pre-existing text relevant to an image, our method composes sentences entirely from scratch. Experimental results indicate that it is viable to generate simple textual descriptions that are pertinent to the specific content of an image, while permitting creativity in the de- scription – making for more human-like anno- tations than prev...