Paper: Automatic Keyphrase Extraction by Bridging Vocabulary Gap

ACL ID W11-0316
Title Automatic Keyphrase Extraction by Bridging Vocabulary Gap
Venue International Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Session Main Conference
Year 2011

Keyphrase extraction aims to select a set of terms from a document as a short summary of the document. Most methods extract keyphrases according to their statistical prop- erties in the given document. Appropriate keyphrases, however, are not always statis- tically significant or even do not appear in the given document. This makes a large vocabulary gap between a document and its keyphrases. In this paper, we consider that a document and its keyphrases both describe thesameobjectbutarewrittenintwodifferent languages. By regarding keyphrase extraction as a problem of translating from the language of documents to the language of keyphrases, we use word alignment models in statistical machine translation to learn translation proba- bilities between the words in documents and the words in key...