Paper: Towards Exhaustive Event Extraction for Protein Modifications

ACL ID W11-0215
Title Towards Exhaustive Event Extraction for Protein Modifications
Venue Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing
Year 2011

Protein modifications, in particular post- translational modifications, have a central role in bringing about the full repertoire of pro- tein functions, and the identification of spe- cific protein modifications is important for understanding biological systems. This task presents a number of opportunities for the au- tomatic support of manual curation efforts. However, the sheer number of different types of protein modifications is a daunting chal- lenge for automatic extraction that has so far not been met in full, with most studies focus- ing on single modifications or a few prominent ones. In this work, aim to meet this challenge: we analyse protein modification types through ontologies, databases, and literature and intro- duce a corpus of 360 abstracts manually anno- tated in the Bi...