Paper: Grouping Axioms for More Coherent Ontology Descriptions

ACL ID W10-4222
Title Grouping Axioms for More Coherent Ontology Descriptions
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

Ontologies and datasets for the Semantic Web are encoded in OWL formalisms that are not easily comprehended by people. To make ontologies accessible to human domain experts, several research groups have developed ontology verbalisers using Natural Language Generation. In practice ontologies are usually composed of simple axioms, so that realising them separately is relatively easy; there remains however the problem of producing texts that are co- herent and efficient. We describe in this paper some methods for producing sen- tences that aggregate over sets of axioms that share the same logical structure. Be- cause these methods are based on logical structure rather than domain-specific con- cepts or language-specific syntax, they are generic both as regards domain and lan- guage.