Paper: Tense and Aspect Assignment in Narrative Discourse

ACL ID W10-4205
Title Tense and Aspect Assignment in Narrative Discourse
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

We describe a method for assigning English tense and aspect in a system that realizes sur- face text for symbolically encoded narratives. Our testbed is an encoding interface in which proposi- tions that are attached to a timeline must be real- ized from several temporal viewpoints. This in- volves a mapping from a semantic encoding of time to a set of tense/aspect permutations. The encoding tool realizes each permutation to give a readable, precise description of the narrative so that users can check whether they have correctly encoded actions and statives in the formal repre- sentation. Our method selects tenses and aspects for individual event intervals as well as subinter- vals (with multiple reference points), quoted and unquoted speech (which reassign the temporal fo- cus), and modal...