Paper: Space characters in Chinese semi-structured texts

ACL ID W10-4125
Title Space characters in Chinese semi-structured texts
Venue Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

Space characters can have an important role in disambiguating text. However, few, if any, Chinese information extraction systems make full use of space characters. However, it seems that treatment of space characters is necessary, especially in cases of extract- ing information from semi-structured docu- ments. This investigation aims to address the importance of space characters in Chi- nese information extraction by parsing some semi-structured documents with two simi- lar grammars - one with treatment for space characters, the other ignoring it. This paper also introduces two post processing filters to further improve treatment of space char- acters. Results show that the grammar that takes account of spaces clearly out-performs the one that ignores them, and so concludes that space cha...