Paper: CMDMC: A Diachronic Digital Museum of Chinese Mandarin

ACL ID W10-4123
Title CMDMC: A Diachronic Digital Museum of Chinese Mandarin
Venue Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

Modern Chinese Mandarin has gone through near a hundred years, it is very important to store its representative sample in digital form permanently. In this paper, we propose a Chinese Man- darin Digital Multi-modal Corpus (CMDMC), which is a digital speech museum with diachronic, opened, cross- media and sharable features. It has over 3460 hours video and audio files with metadata tagging. The materials, which were generated by the authoritative speakers (e.g. announcers at TV or radio station) with normality, are required samples if we can get them. Based on this resource, we also intend to analyze the syntactic correlations of prosodic phrase in broadcasting news speech, and compare the phonetic and prosodic fea- tures in movie dialogues among several same-name movies in...