Paper: On Generalized-Topic-Based Chinese Discourse Structure

ACL ID W10-4104
Title On Generalized-Topic-Based Chinese Discourse Structure
Venue Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

Due to the lack of external formal marks, components in Chinese discourse can hardly be categorized into the traditional syntactic system. In fact, Chinese is a typical topic-prominent language, so it should rather be analyzed from the point of topic. This paper, targeting at computer processing, raises the concepts of punctuation clause, generalized topic, discourse structure and topic clause, and reveals the properties of Chinese discourse structure based on generalized topic. The applicability of this theory has been validated in an initial experiment. Keywords: Punctuation Clause, Generalized Topic, Discourse Structure, Topic Clause. 1. Punctuation Clause, Generalized Topic and Discourse Structure The traditional study on syntax is based on individual sentences and the forma...