Paper: Lexical Access a Search-Problem

ACL ID W10-3411
Title Lexical Access a Search-Problem
Venue Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon
Year 2010

Our work is confined to word access, that is, we present here our ideas of how to improve electronic dictionaries in order to help language producers (speaker/writer) to find the word they are looking for. Our approach is based on psychological find- ings (representation, storage and access of information in the human mind), observed search strategies and typical navigational behavior. If one agrees with the idea that lex- ical access (word finding) is basically a search problem, then one may still want to find out where and how to search. While the space, i.e. the semantic map in which search takes place is a resource problem,— any of the following could be used: dictionary, corpus, thesauraus, etc. or a mix of them,— its exploration is typ- ically a search problem. Important as it ma...