Paper: In Search of the ’Right’ Word

ACL ID W10-3410
Title In Search of the ’Right’ Word
Venue Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon
Year 2010

We report on a user needs investigation carried out in the framework of the pro- ject EKFRASIS1 that developed a plat- form for supporting authoring work in Modern Greek. The platform had as a backbone a conceptually organised dic- tionary enhanced with rich lexicographic and morphosyntactic information. Or- ganisation of information and encoding drew on Semantic Web technologies (on- tologies). Users were all professional au- thors (of literature, editors, translators, journalists) working for well-established firms. They were all familiar with printed conceptually organized dictionar- ies while most of them used a computer. They were asked to specify how the plat- form would be helpful to them when they searched for a word for which they had only vague or few clues, a situati...