Paper: The Color of Emotions in Texts

ACL ID W10-3405
Title The Color of Emotions in Texts
Venue Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon
Year 2010

Color affects every aspect of our lives. There has been a considerable interest in the psycholinguistic research area ad- dressing the impact of color on emotions. In the experiments conducted by these studies, subjects have usually been asked to indicate their emotional responses to different colors. On the other side, sensing emotions in text by using NLP techniques has recently become a popular topic in computational linguistics. In this paper, we introduce a semantic similarity mecha- nism acquired from a large corpus of texts in order to check the similarity of col- ors and emotions. Then we investigate the correlation of our results with the out- comes of some psycholinguistic experi- ments. The conclusions are quite inter- esting. The correlation varies among dif- ferent colors and ...