Paper: SemanticNet-Perception of Human Pragmatics

ACL ID W10-3402
Title SemanticNet-Perception of Human Pragmatics
Venue Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of the Lexicon
Year 2010

SemanticNet is a semantic network of lexicons to hold human pragmatic knowledge. So far Natural Language Processing (NLP) research patronized much of manually augmented lexicon resources such as WordNet. But the small set of semantic relations like Hypernym, Holonym, Meronym and Synonym etc are very narrow to cap- ture the wide variations human cogni- tive knowledge. But no such informa- tion could be retrieved from available lexicon resources. SemanticNet is the attempt to capture wide range of con- text dependent semantic inference among various themes which human beings perceive in their pragmatic knowledge, learned by day to day cog- nitive interactions with the surrounding physical world. SemanticNet holds human pragmatics with twenty well es- tablished semantic relati...