Paper: Tagging and Linking Web Forum Posts

ACL ID W10-2923
Title Tagging and Linking Web Forum Posts
Venue International Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

We propose a method for annotating post- to-post discourse structure in online user forum data, in the hopes of improving troubleshooting-oriented information ac- cess. We introduce the tasks of: (1) post classification, based on a novel dialogue act tag set; and (2) link classification. We also introduce three feature sets (structural features, post context features and seman- ticfeatures)andexperimentwiththreedis- criminative learners (maximum entropy, SVM-HMMandCRF).Weachieveabove- baseline results for both dialogue act and link classification, with interesting diver- gences in which feature sets perform well over the two sub-tasks, and go on to per- formpreliminaryinvestigationoftheinter- action between post tagging and linking.