Paper: Event Extraction for Post-Translational Modifications

ACL ID W10-1903
Title Event Extraction for Post-Translational Modifications
Venue Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing
Year 2010

We consider the task of automatically extracting post-translational modification events from biomedical scientific publica- tions. Building on the success of event extraction for phosphorylation events in the BioNLP’09 shared task, we extend the event annotation approach to four major new post-transitional modification event types. We present a new targeted corpus of 157 PubMed abstracts annotated for over 1000 proteins and 400 post-translational modification events identifying the modi- fied proteins and sites. Experiments with a state-of-the-art event extraction system show that the events can be extracted with 52% precision and 36% recall (42% F- score), suggesting remaining challenges in the extraction of the events. The an- notated corpus is freely available in the BioNLP’09 share...