Paper: HPSG Supertagging: A Sequence Labeling View

ACL ID W09-3832
Title HPSG Supertagging: A Sequence Labeling View
Venue International Conference on Parsing Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2009

Supertagging is a widely used speed-up technique for deep parsing. In another aspect, supertagging has been exploited in other NLP tasks than parsing for utilizing the rich syntactic information given by the supertags. However, the performance of supertagger is still a bottleneck for such applications. In this paper, we investigated the relationship between supertagging and parsing, not just to speed up the deep parser; We started from a sequence labeling view of HPSG supertagging, examining how well a supertagger can do when separated from parsing. Comparison of two types of supertagging model, point-wise model and sequential model, showed that the former model works competitively well despite its simplicity, which indicates the true dependency among supertag assignments is far more compl...