Paper: Scalable Discriminative Parsing for German

ACL ID W09-3820
Title Scalable Discriminative Parsing for German
Venue International Conference on Parsing Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2009

Generative lexicalized parsing models, which are the mainstay for probabilistic parsing of English, do not perform as well when applied to languages with differ- ent language-specific properties such as free(r) word order or rich morphology. For German and other non-English languages, linguistically motivated complex treebank transformations have been shown to im- prove performance within the framework of PCFG parsing, while generative lexical- ized models do not seem to be as easily adaptable to these languages. In this paper, we show a practical way to use grammatical functions as first-class citizens in a discriminative model that al- lows to extend annotated treebank gram- mars with rich feature sets without hav- ing to suffer from sparse data problems. We demonstrate the flexibility o...