Paper: Hebrew Dependency Parsing: Initial Results

ACL ID W09-3819
Title Hebrew Dependency Parsing: Initial Results
Venue International Conference on Parsing Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2009

We describe a newly available Hebrew Dependency Treebank, which is extracted from the Hebrew (constituency) Tree- bank. We establish some baseline un- labeled dependency parsing performance on Hebrew, based on two state-of-the-art parsers, MST-parser and MaltParser. The evaluation is performed both in an artifi- cial setting, in which the data is assumed to be properly morphologically segmented and POS-tagged, and in a real-world set- ting, in which the parsing is performed on automatically segmented and POS-tagged text. We present an evaluation measure that takes into account the possibility of incompatible token segmentation between the gold standard and the parsed data. Results indicate that (a) MST-parser per- forms better on Hebrew data than Malt- Parser, and (b) both parsers do not m...