Paper: Formalisation of Intensionality as Algorithms (project abstract)

ACL ID W09-3731
Title Formalisation of Intensionality as Algorithms (project abstract)
Venue International Conference on Computational Semantics
Session Main Conference
Year 2009
  • Roussanka Loukanova (Uppsala University, Uppsala Sweden; Tilburg University, Tilburg The Netherlands)

mathematical objects, which are tuple of functions defined by mutual recursion, called acyclic re- cursors. The referential intensions of the meaningful Lλar terms are acyclic recursors defined by their canonical forms, which are recursion terms. For the construction of recursion terms (where-terms), the language Lλar uses a recursion operator, denoted by the constant where that applies over a head term A0 and a set of assignments, called body, {p1 := A1,...,pn := An}, where each Ai is a term of the same type as the recursion variable pi (1 ≤ i ≤ n): A0 where{p1 := A1,...,pn := An}. The where-terms rep- resent recursive computations by designating functional recursors: intu- itively, the denotation of the term A0 depends on the functions denoted by p1,...,pn that are computed recursi...