Paper: Disambiguation of Polysemous Verbs for Rule-based Inferencing

ACL ID W09-3720
Title Disambiguation of Polysemous Verbs for Rule-based Inferencing
Venue International Conference on Computational Semantics
Session Main Conference
Year 2009

We present an approach to disambiguating verb senses which differ w.r.t. the inferences they allow. It combines standard ontological tools and formalisms with a formal semantic analysis and is hence more formalised and more detailed than existing lexical semantic resources like WordNet and FrameNet [Fellbaum, 1998, Baker et al., 1998]. The resource presented here implements formal semantic descriptions of verbs in the Web Ontology Language (OWL) and exploits its reasoning potential based on Description Logics (DL) for the disambiguation of verbs in context, since before the correct sense of a verb can be reliably determined, its syntactic arguments have to be disambiguatedfirst. We present details on this process, which is based on a mapping from the French EuroWordNet [Vossen, 1998] to SU...