Paper: Knowing a word (sense) by its company

ACL ID W09-3702
Title Knowing a word (sense) by its company
Venue International Conference on Computational Semantics
Session Main Conference
Year 2009

Supervised word sense disambiguation requires training corpora that have been tagged with word senses, and these word senses typically come from a pre-existing sense inventory. Space limitations imposed by dictio- nary publishers have biased the field towards lists of discrete senses for an individual lexeme. This approach does not capture information about relat- edness of individual senses. How important is this information to knowing which sense distinctions are critical for particular types of NLP applications? How much does sense relatedness affect automatic word sense disambigua- tion performance? Recent psycholinguistic evidence seems to indicate that closely related word senses may be represented in the mental lexicon much like a single sense, whereas distantly related senses may b...