Paper: It’s time for a semantic inference engine

ACL ID W09-3701
Title It’s time for a semantic inference engine
Venue International Conference on Computational Semantics
Session Main Conference
Year 2009
  • Ido Dagan (Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan Israel)

A common computational goal is to encapsulate the modeling of a target phenomenon within a unified and comprehensive ”engine”, which addresses a broad range of the required processing tasks. This goal is followed in common modeling of the morphological and syntactic levels of natural lan- guage, where most processing tasks are encapsulated within morphological analyzers and syntactic parsers. In this talk I suggest that computational modeling of the semantic level should also focus on encapsulating the var- ious processing tasks within a unified module (engine). The input/output specification of such engine (API) can be based on the textual entailment paradigm, which will be described in brief and suggested as an attractive framework for applied semantic inference. The talk will illust...