Paper: Semantic Annotation of Papers: Interface & Enrichment Tool (SAPIENT)

ACL ID W09-1325
Title Semantic Annotation of Papers: Interface & Enrichment Tool (SAPIENT)
Venue Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing
Year 2009

In this paper we introduce a web application (SAPIENT) for sentence based annotation of full papers with semantic information. SAPI- ENT enables experts to annotate scientific pa- pers sentence by sentence and also to link re- lated sentences together, thus forming spans of interesting regions, which can facilitate text mining applications. As part of the system, we developed an XML-aware sentence split- ter (SSSplit) which preserves XML markup and identifies sentences through the addition of in-line markup. SAPIENT has been used in a systematic study for the annotation of scientific papers with concepts representing the Core Information about Scientific Papers (CISP) to create a corpus of 225 annotated pa- pers.