Paper: Evaluation of the Clinical Question Answering Presentation

ACL ID W09-1322
Title Evaluation of the Clinical Question Answering Presentation
Venue Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing
Year 2009

Question answering is different from infor- mation retrieval in that it attempts to an- swer questions by providing summaries from numerous retrieved documents rather than by simply providing a list of docu- ments that requires users to do additional work. However, the quality of answers that question answering provides has not been investigated extensively, and the practical approach to presenting question answers still needs more study. In addition to fac- toid answering using phrases or entities, most question answering systems use a sen- tence-based approach for generating an- swers. However, many sentences are often only meaningful or understandable in their context, and a passage-based presentation can often provide richer, more coherent context. However, passage-based ...