Paper: Disambiguation of Biomedical Abbreviations

ACL ID W09-1309
Title Disambiguation of Biomedical Abbreviations
Venue Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing
Year 2009

Abbreviations are common in biomedical doc- uments and many are ambiguous in the sense that they have several potential expansions. Identifying the correct expansion is necessary for language understanding and important for applications such as document retrieval. Iden- tifying the correct expansion can be viewed as a Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) prob- lem. A WSD system that uses a variety of knowledge sources, including two types of in- formation specific to the biomedical domain, is also described. This system was tested on a corpus of ambiguous abbreviations, created by automatically identifying the correct expan- sion in Medline abstracts, and found to iden- tify the correct expansion with up to 99% ac- curacy.