Paper: New Features for FrameNet - WordNet Mapping

ACL ID W09-1127
Title New Features for FrameNet - WordNet Mapping
Venue International Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Session Main Conference
Year 2009

Many applications in the context of natural language processing or information retrieval may be largely improved if they were able to fully exploit the rich semantic information an- notated in high-quality, publicly available re- sources such as the FrameNet and the Word- Net databases. Nevertheless, the practical use of similar resources is often biased by the limited coverage of semantic phenomena that they provide. A natural solution to this problem would be to automatically establish anchors between these resources that would allow us 1) to jointly use the encoded information, thus possibly over- coming limitations of the individual corpora, and 2) to extend each resource coverage by ex- ploiting the information encoded in the others. In this paper, we present a supervised learn- ing f...