Paper: Baby SRL: Modeling Early Language Acquisition.

ACL ID W08-2111
Title Baby SRL: Modeling Early Language Acquisition.
Venue International Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

A fundamental task in sentence compre- hension is to assign semantic roles to sen- tence constituents. The structure-mapping account proposes that children start with a shallow structural analysis of sentences: children treat the number of nouns in the sentence as a cue to its semantic predicate- argument structure, and represent language experience in an abstract format that per- mits rapid generalization to new verbs. In this paper, we tested the consequences of these representational assumptions via ex- periments with a system for automatic se- mantic role labeling (SRL), trained on a sample of child-directed speech. When the SRL was presented with representa- tions of sentence structure consisting sim- ply of an ordered set of nouns, it mim- icked experimental findings with toddlers, i...