Paper: Cognitively Salient Relations for Multilingual Lexicography

ACL ID W08-1913
Title Cognitively Salient Relations for Multilingual Lexicography
Venue Coling 2008: Proceedings of the workshop on Knowledge and Reasoning for Answering Questions
Year 2008

Providing sets of semantically related words in the lexical entries of an electronic dictionary should help language learners quickly understand the meaning of the tar- get words. Relational information might also improve memorisation, by allowing the generation of structured vocabulary study lists. However, an open issue is which semantic relations are cognitively most salient, and should therefore be used for dictionary construction. In this paper, we present a concept description elicita- tion experiment conducted with German and Italian speakers. The analysis of the experimental data suggests that there is a small set of concept-class–dependent rela- tion types that are stable across languages and robust enough to allow discrimination across broad concept domains. Our further researc...