Paper: Lexical access based on underspecified input

ACL ID W08-1902
Title Lexical access based on underspecified input
Venue Coling 2008: Proceedings of the workshop on Knowledge and Reasoning for Answering Questions
Year 2008

Words play a major role in language pro- duction, hence finding them is of vital im- portance, be it for speaking or writing. Words are stored in a dictionary, and the general belief holds, the bigger the bet- ter. Yet, to be truly useful the resource should contain not only many entries and a lot of information concerning each one of them, but also adequate means to reveal the stored information. Information access de- pends crucially on the organization of the data (words) and on the navigational tools. It also depends on the grouping, ranking and indexing of the data, a factor too often overlooked. We will present here some preliminary re- sults, showing how an existing electronic dictionary could be enhanced to support language producers to find the word they are looking for. To this e...