Paper: Indexing on Semantic Roles for Question Answering

ACL ID W08-1810
Title Indexing on Semantic Roles for Question Answering
Venue Coling 2008: Proceedings of the workshop on Human Judgements in Computational Linguistics
Year 2008

Semantic Role Labeling (SRL) has been used successfully in several stages of auto- mated Question Answering (QA) systems but its inherent slow procedures make it difficult to use at the indexing stage of the document retrieval component. In this pa- per we confirm the intuition that SRL at indexing stage improves the performance of QA and propose a simplified technique named the Question Prediction Language Model (QPLM), which provides similar in- formation with a much lower cost. The methods were tested on four different QA systems and the results suggest that QPLM can be used as a good compromise be- tween speed and accuracy.