Paper: Learning to Match Names Across Languages

ACL ID W08-1402
Title Learning to Match Names Across Languages
Venue Coling 2008: Proceedings of the workshop Multi-source Multilingual Information Extraction and Summarization
Year 2008

We report on research on matching names in different scripts across languag- es. We explore two trainable approaches based on comparing pronunciations. The first, a cross-lingual approach, uses an automatic name-matching program that exploits rules based on phonological comparisons of the two languages carried out by humans. The second, monolingual approach, relies only on automatic com- parison of the phonological representa- tions of each pair. Alignments produced by each approach are fed to a machine learning algorithm. Results show that the monolingual approach results in ma- chine-learning based comparison of per- son-names in English and Chinese at an accuracy of over 97.0 F-measure.