Paper: OSU-GP: Attribute Selection Using Genetic Programming

ACL ID W08-1137
Title OSU-GP: Attribute Selection Using Genetic Programming
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

This system’s approach to the attribute selec- tion task was to use a genetic programming algorithm to search for a solution to the task. The evolved programs for the furniture and people domain exhibit quite naive behavior, and the DICE and MASI scores on the train- ing sets reflect the poor humanlikeness of the programs. 1 Genetic Programming Genetic programming is a form of evolutionary computing in which a meta program evolves another program to solve a problem. Creating by hand a program which solves the problem may be possi- ble, but if the problem has many parameters which contribute to a solution’s quality, the program de- signer may miss some subtle interplay in favor of an expected solution. Genetic programming evolves a pool of programs to optimize a user supplied fitness fu...