Paper: Language Embodiment and Social Intelligence

ACL ID W08-1102
Title Language Embodiment and Social Intelligence
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

It is an honor to have this chance to tie together themes from my recent research, and to sketch some challenges and opportunities for NLG in face-to-face conversational interaction. Communication reflects our general involvement in one anothers’ lives. Through the choices we man- ifest with one another, we share our thoughts and feelings, strengthen our relationships and further our joint projects. We rely not only on words to artic- ulate our perspectives, but also on a heterogeneous array of accompanying efforts: embodied deixis, ex- pressive movement, presentation of iconic imagery and instrumental action in the world. Words show- case the distinctive linguistic knowledge which hu- man communication exploits. But people’s diverse choices in conversation in fact come together to re-...