Paper: Learner Characteristics and Feedback in Tutorial Dialogue

ACL ID W08-0907
Title Learner Characteristics and Feedback in Tutorial Dialogue
Venue Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications
Year 2008

Tutorial dialogue has been the subject of in- creasing attention in recent years, and it has become evident that empirical studies of hu- man-human tutorial dialogue can contribute important insights to the design of computa- tional models of dialogue. This paper reports on a corpus study of human-human tutorial dialogue transpiring in the course of problem- solving in a learning environment for intro- ductory computer science. Analyses suggest that the choice of corrective tutorial strategy makes a significant difference in the outcomes of both student learning gains and self- efficacy gains. The findings reveal that tuto- rial strategies intended to maximize student motivational outcomes (e.g., self-efficacy gain) may not be the same strategies that maximize cognitive outco...