Paper: Improving the Efficiency of a Wide-Coverage CCG Parser

ACL ID W07-2206
Title Improving the Efficiency of a Wide-Coverage CCG Parser
Venue Conference on Parsing Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2007

The C&C CCG parser is a highly efficient linguistically motivated parser. The effi- ciency is achieved using a tightly-integrated supertagger, which assigns CCG lexical cat- egories to words in a sentence. The integra- tion allows the parser to request more cat- egories if it cannot find a spanning anal- ysis. We present several enhancements to the CKY chart parsing algorithm used by the parser. The first proposal is chart repair, which allows the chart to be efficiently up- dated by adding lexical categories individu- ally, and we evaluate several strategies for adding these categories. The second pro- posal is to add constraints to the chart which require certain spans to be constituents. Fi- nally, weproposepartialbeamsearchtofur- ther reduce the search space. Overall, the parsing speed...