Paper: WoZ Simulation Of Interactive Question Answering

ACL ID W06-3002
Title WoZ Simulation Of Interactive Question Answering
Venue Interactive Question Answering Workshop
Year 2006

QACIAD (Question Answering Chal- lenge for Information Access Dialogue) is an evaluation framework for measur- ing interactive question answering (QA) technologies. It assumes that users inter- actively collect information using a QA system for writing a report on a given topic and evaluates, among other things, the capabilities needed under such cir- cumstances. This paper reports an ex- periment for examining the assumptions made by QACIAD. In this experiment, di- alogues under the situation that QACIAD assumes are collected using WoZ (Wiz- ard of Oz) simulating, which is frequently used for collecting dialogue data for de- signing speech dialogue systems, and then analyzed. The results indicate that the set- ting of QACIAD is real and appropriate and that one of the important capabiliti...