Paper: Is It Really That Difficult To Parse German?

ACL ID W06-1614
Title Is It Really That Difficult To Parse German?
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2006

This paper presents a comparative study of probabilistic treebank parsing of Ger- man, using the Negra and T¨uBa-D/Z tree- banks. Experiments with the Stanford parser, which uses a factored PCFG and dependency model, show that, contrary to previous claims for other parsers, lexical- ization of PCFG models boosts parsing performance for both treebanks. The ex- periments also show that there is a big difference in parsing performance, when trained on the Negra and on the T¨uBa- D/Z treebanks. Parser performance for the models trained on T¨uBa-D/Z are compara- ble to parsing results for English with the Stanford parser, when trained on the Penn treebank. This comparison at least sug- gests that German is not harder to parse than its West-Germanic neighbor language English.