Paper: Noun Phrase Generation For Situated Dialogs

ACL ID W06-1412
Title Noun Phrase Generation For Situated Dialogs
Venue International Conference on Natural Language Generation
Session Main Conference
Year 2006

We report on a study examining the gener- ation of noun phrases within a spoken di- alog agent for a navigation domain. The task is to provide real-time instructions that direct the user to move between a se- ries of destinations within a large interior space. A subtask within sentence plan- ning is determining what form to choose for noun phrases. This choice is driven by both the discourse history and spatial con- text features derived from the direction- follower’s position, e.g. his view angle, distance from the target referent and the number of similar items in view. The al- gorithm was developed as a decision tree and its output was evaluated by a group of human judges who rated 62.6% of the ex- pressions generated by the system to be as good as or better than the language origi- n...