Paper: Chart Generation Using Production Systems

ACL ID W05-1626
Title Chart Generation Using Production Systems
Venue ENLG
Session Main Conference
Year 2005

Productions systems, traditionally mainly used for developing expert systems, can also be em- ployed for implementing chart generators. Fo- cusing on bottom-up chart generation, we de- scribe how the notions of chart algorithms re- late to the knowledge base and Rete network of production systems. We draw on experience gained in two research projects on natural lan- guage generation (NLG), one involving surface realization, the other involving both a content determination task (referring expression gener- ation) and surface realization. The projects centered around the idea of ‘overgeneration’, i.e. of generating large numbers of output can- didates which served as input to a ranking com- ponent. The purpose of this paper is to extend the range of implementation options available to th...