Paper: Explorations In Sentence Fusion

ACL ID W05-1612
Title Explorations In Sentence Fusion
Venue ENLG
Session Main Conference
Year 2005

Sentence fusion is a text-to-text (revision-like) gen- eration task which takes related sentences as input and merges these into a single output sentence. In this paper we describe our ongoing work on de- veloping a sentence fusion module for Dutch. We propose a generalized version of alignment which not only indicates which words and phrases should be aligned but also labels these in terms of a small set of primitive semantic relations, indicating how words and phrases from the two input sentences re- late to each other. It is shown that human label- ers can perform this task with a high agreement (F- score of.95). We then describe and evaluate our adaptation of an existing automatic alignment al- gorithm, and use the resulting alignments, plus the semantic labels, in a generalized fusion...