Paper: Context-Sensitive Utterance Planning For CCG

ACL ID W05-1609
Title Context-Sensitive Utterance Planning For CCG
Venue ENLG
Session Main Conference
Year 2005

The paper presents an approach to utterance plan- ning, which can dynamically use context informa- tion about the environment in which a dialogue is situated. The approach is functional in nature, using systemic networks to specify its planning grammar. The planner takes a description of a communicative goal as input, and produces one or more logical forms that can express that goal in a contextually appropriate way. Both the goal and the resulting logical forms are expressed in a single formalism as ontologically rich, relational structures. To realize the logical forms, OpenCCG is used. The paper focuses primarily on the im- plementation, but also discusses how the planning grammar can be based on the grammar used in OpenCCG, and trained on (parseable) data.