Paper: Generating And Selecting Grammatical Paraphrases

ACL ID W05-1605
Title Generating And Selecting Grammatical Paraphrases
Venue ENLG
Session Main Conference
Year 2005
  • Claire Gardent (LORIA, Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy France; CNRS, France)
  • Eric Kow (INRIA, Le Chesnay France; LORIA, Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy France)

Natural language has a high paraphrastic power yet not all paraphrases are appropriate for all contexts. In this paper, we present a TAG based surface re- aliser which supports both the generation and the selection of paraphrases. To deal with the combi- natorial explosion typical of such an NP-complete task, we introduce a number of new optimisations in a tabular, bottom-up surface realisation algo- rithm. We then show that one of these optimisations supports paraphrase selection.