Paper: Generating Linear Orders Of Text-Based Events

ACL ID W04-2613
Title Generating Linear Orders Of Text-Based Events
Venue Computational Lexical Semantics Workshop
Year 2004

Events described in textual narratives do not always occur in neat, chronological order but occur, for example, during or overlapping each other or as simultaneous events. Summa- rizations of narratives, however, benefit from a simpler, linear ordering of events. This pa- per describes an approach for modeling events in text as event intervals and for generating linear orders of event intervals, useful for the summarization of events or as the basis for question answering systems. Linear orders are derived through reducing the set of thirteen possible event interval relations to a set of only before or equal relations. The mapping of event interval relations into before/after se- quences requires the support of additional constraints in order to preserve the original semantics of the event...