Paper: Models For The Semantic Classification Of Noun Phrases

ACL ID W04-2609
Title Models For The Semantic Classification Of Noun Phrases
Venue Computational Lexical Semantics Workshop
Year 2004

This paper presents an approach for detecting semantic relations in noun phrases. A learning algorithm, called semantic scattering, is used to automatically label complex nominals, gen- itives and adjectival noun phrases with the cor- responding semantic relation. 1 Problem description This paper is about the automatic labeling of semantic relations in noun phrases (NPs). The semantic relations are the underlying relations be- tween two concepts expressed by words or phrases. We distinguish here between semantic relations and semantic roles. Semantic roles are always between verbs (or nouns derived from verbs) and other constituents (run quickly, went to the store, computer maker), whereas semantic relations can occur between any constituents, for exam- ple in complex nominals (malaria mos...