Paper: Extended Lexical-Semantic Classification Of English Verbs

ACL ID W04-2606
Title Extended Lexical-Semantic Classification Of English Verbs
Venue Computational Lexical Semantics Workshop
Year 2004

Lexical-semantic verb classi cations have proved useful in supporting various natural lan- guage processing (NLP) tasks. The largest and the most widely deployed classi cation in En- glish is Levin’s (1993) taxonomy of verbs and their classes. While this resource is attrac- tive in being extensive enough for some NLP use, it is not comprehensive. In this paper, we present a substantial extension to Levin’s tax- onomy which incorporates 57 novel classes for verbs not covered (comprehensively) by Levin. We also introduce 106 novel diathesis alterna- tions, created as a side product of constructing the new classes. We demonstrate the utility of our novel classes by using them to support au- tomatic subcategorization acquisition and show that the resulting extended classi cation has extens...